Our Ministries

The ministries of St. Paul Church were developed to meet the many needs of our congregation. See a ministry below that interests you or have a question? Contact our administrative office at 301.449.1450 for more information.

Music and Worship - Sis. Valencia Howard

The Music and Worship ministry consists of the following choirs and liturgical dance groups, as well as our Audio/Visual ministry and Usher Board:

  • ABC Youth Choir

  • Angelic Choir

  • Brotherhood Chorus

  • Children’s Choir

  • Unity Choir

  • Women of Worship

  • Youth in Praise

Family Support - dea. Lillie Williams

Family Support encompasses the ministries of our church that are focused on the educational, health, social, and spiritual growth of each family. These ministries include:

  • Children’s

  • Christian Education

  • Dorcas Goodwill Benevolence

  • Education Support

  • Food Services

  • Health & Resources

  • Marriage Ministry

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Mid-week Noon Day Prayer and Bible Study

  • New Members’

  • Pacesetters (Seniors)

  • Sunday School

  • TLC Refuge Communities (Bible Study)

  • Women’s Discipleship

  • Young & Unashamed (Youth Ministry)


World Missions - Rev. J.D. Waters

  • American Baptist Churches

  • Lott Carey Foreign Missions

  • Evangelism

Home Missions (Dorcas Goodwill Benevolence) - Dea. Marie Dawkins

  • 911 Crisis Intervention Group

  • Prison Ministry

  • Social Action

  • Counseling Lead Group

  • Missions N' Action Youth Group

  • Barkley Cross Scholarship Fund

Administration and Service - Rev. Jerome Fowler

The administration and service focus for our church includes the official board, ministerial leadership, general communitcations, church office, security, and transportation support:

  • Communications

  • Diaconate

  • Messengers

  • Security

  • Servant Leaders

  • Transportation