We've spent some time on R & R. We've vacationed with our families. We've been far away from the battle, but the war

still rages. The Men of God are still fighting an adversary that is relentless, but let me remind you that with the Lord on 

our side, we are just as formidable. Even though our agenda is full, we need to get back in the fight. Starting this Sunday, 

February 1st, after the 10:30am Service, I need as many men as possible to join with the youth of SPC, as we go forth to 

feed the hungry and clothe the naked. We're going down to the Mitch Snyder Shelter, to help and support our youth in 

ministry. I hope that everyone can attend.


We're also coming together for our Men's Nite Out Bible Study, this coming Thursday, February 5th, at 7:30pm, Saint 

Paul Church Central. Get ready for an innovative study entitled, "Worldliness Don't Mix With Godliness.

Also save the date for Saturday, February 7th, 8:30a.m. at the SP Senior Living Center. We're coming together for some 

real good food, compelling conversation and awesome fellowship. So join us for the Men's Fellowship Breakfast 

Meeting, where we will consider the topic, "The REAL Meaning of Headship." Until I See You This Sunday...Peace! 

Rev. Herb Williams (February 2015 Update)